Fabric Innovation

Each product begins with innovative fabric. We custom blend the world’s finest fibers into even better materials, ones that perform as great as they feel.

Where It All Starts

All products are designed in-house where our entire team is heavily involved in this process, right from the initial stages of brainstorming, designing, prototyping and testing all the way until we have the finished products.

Pushing Boundaries

After extensive research and development projects, we have optimized our product fit to cater to the masses.

Innovative Technologies

Thousand Miles fabrics are sourced from across the globe to provide technology driven high-performance materials to your everyday wear. To provide you with the comfort and confidence to make the most of your day – the commutes, the workouts and even the mountain trails.


Our OMNIFLEX fabric was inspired by Omni-directional flexibility. We are confident enough with our fabric to say that we provide 360-degree flexibility which allows you to move further and faster than ever.


Our SILVERKNIT fabric is made from polymer silver infused thread, it contains strong antibacterial properties which makes it the ideal material for our socks.

Challenging the Market

From the initial stages of design, to the final stages of production and shipment – we believe in inclusivity. To have everyone be a part of the process, to challenge preconceived notions, and to redefine our definition of what makes great clothes.