All Day Jacket

A New Standard of Weightless

Carry a modern shield with you

This lightweight jacket repels light rain, protects against UV rays and packs down into a compact cube. It’s an everyday essential to shield you through your modern day routine.

One Jacket. A Thousand Possibilities.

Hybrid Design

Swift Moves, Impressive Defensive

An athletic fabric blend transfigured into an everyday style jacket. This design achieved its extremely light fabric combined with smart features for protection against weather. All to make it an all day all rounder. 

Weather Resistant | Lightweight | Packable

So portable, bring it everywhere.

Folds into a compact cube, it doesn’t take up space. Even when weather changes, you’ll always be prepared with a handy jacket in your bag.

So light, you won’t feel it on.

Slip into lightness everytime you need an extra layer. Made using an athletic fabric blend, it’s meant to feel weightless.

Full of Possibilities